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Private Investigator Costs | How much will it cost to hire a private detective
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Private Investigator Costs

Private Investigator Costs

Private Investigator Costs. Anytime you think about employing a private investigator, private detective fees will be the next thing that will cross your mind. Sadly, with such services, you do not have the privilege of asking for flat rates as there’s nothing like a typical investigation. Though in some situations you will find similar procedures being carried out, every case has its own unique aspect.To make it a bit easier than before, we have gone through different pricings from a number of detective and private investigator companies in the UK. This led us to a summary of what you might expect a private investigator price list to look like. These private investigator fees are only approximations though given that they have their sources from current company prices, you can be sure that any difference will not be quite significant.

A private detective cost can be as different as the number of private investigator companies in the UK. However, you need to find one that you feel will best help cater to your needs and not only choose one based on how cheap their services are. The standard variable used in counting private investigator costs is the amount per hour. When you select an expert, you will most likely have to pay a large figure, though the work might get done in less time than a less experienced investigator.

Note that a private detective’s list of prices at its original presentation may defer from the final copy given the inclusion of various job expenses like mileages. Thankfully, at Private Investigators UK, this will not be a reason for any concern as the fees we offer are inclusive of every job expense that might be needed in the investigation process.

You can expect the surveillance fees to start from £55. However, this can get as high as £150 per hour depending on the case and how experienced the private investigator agency is.

People tracing should be about £150 to close to £350. Depending on how complex it is to track the individual, you might need to give £55 to £95 with every hour that the process consumes.
Incident Plans and RTAs are approximately £200.

See the full private investigator price list below:

Private Detective Price List

Kindly, remember that the numbers provided are only but a guideline to what you should expect and it is advisable to consult with the private detective agency you wish to employ. The private investigator prices will vary with every firm as well as with every case. However, some of these private detective fees were gladly presented to us as an upfront estimate. These estimates have been taken from a number of agencies ranging from agencies with little experience to the ones who are well established and have a highly successful background in investigations.

Private Detective Surveillance Cost from £55 to £150 per Hour

On analysing a private detective cost for surveillance, one of the things that a firm looks into is the location and how complex it is. The pricing will then depend on the quality of the firm you consult with.

£150 for Tracing Enquiries

It might look like tracing a person is quite straightforward, but at times the entire process can end up be filled with several complications. The private investigator fees for this should be about £150 for starters though this will depend on whether the person being traced is within or out of the country.

£85 Fixed Private Investigator Cost for Process Serving

You will probably get a fixed price when it comes to process serving services in the UK. On average, the price will be something from £85 to £150 in comparison to the quality of service you seek.

From £195 for Background Checks

Some of the most contracted services among private investigation firms are background checks. This is because, now more than ever, businesses and families see the need to be safe from having to deal with unforeseen security or financial issues in the future. A company’s background check fees will probably begin from £195, with this price expected to rise, depending on the complexity and size of the background check in question.

Incident Plans and RTAs from £160 to £220 Fixed Rates

This category, in most cases, includes mileage and other expenses as part of the private detective price list. The range is, therefore, expected to be from £160 to £220.

£300 to £800 for GPS Tracking

GPS tracking can be categorised into two; historical and live monitoring. Historical tracking is the cheaper of the two, ranging from £200-£300. On the other hand, live tracking carries more weight than its alternative with private investigator costs being around £500 to £700 or more.

Other Categories

The number of services you can source from private investigator firms is quite large with private investigator prices being different for each company. According to the results of our research, the more professional a firm is, and the more the years of experience the company has, the higher the chances of you digging deeper into your pocket. Also, private detectives who have taken years to build their reputation will only give you a private investigator price list for services that are considered legal within the UK.

Private Investigator Costs

When outsourcing a private investigator for the first time, it is easy not to spend too much on an investigation since not everything will be included in the private detective price list upfront. As the investigation continues, you might find yourself having to cater for mileage costs and other additions that you had no idea would be included when you signed the investigation’s contract.

At Private Investigators UK we do things differently and transparently. From the word go, you will be provided with an all-inclusive price list. We aim to always give our clients the value of their money, making sure that by the end of the investigation, they go away satisfied. We are also happy to share our expertise and years of experience anytime you contact us.

Our all-inclusive price list includes:

• Any fees required for set-up
• Reporting fees; whether verbal, written or digitally transmitted
• Mileage fees only in needed circumstances
• Travel fees for the agent on the field
• Client liaison

At Private Investigators UK, the full quotation is inclusive of the VAT and you can be sure that no costs are hidden. We understand that other companies might offer low prices, but we advise our clients to be careful to not to get surprised by additional expenses within the investigation. Do not be afraid to spend if it will mean getting quality services and satisfactory results.

As you look to get the best private detective fees, be careful to choose an agency whose payment methods are diverse. We accept bank transfer and all major debit and credit cards. We do not take cash.

To get more information about Private Investigators UK and our services, call us today, and an experienced team member will be ready to answer all your queries.