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Infidelity Investigations

Infidelity Investigations

Infidelity Investigations. Do you suspect your partner is cheating? Are you constantly checking up on them, going through their pockets, rifling their handbag or becoming paranoid when their mobile phone is never left casually on the coffee table? Are your suspicions causing friction within your relationship? If any of the aforementioned describes you it may be time to consider employing the services of Private Investigators UK, difficult as the decision may be.

The problem with mistrust is that it festers, and until trust is restored it can drain you emotionally, and ruin your quality of life. Some people find it easy to confront their partners but others don’t want to appear paranoid without evidence. Even when confronted, there is no certainty that your partner will be truthful and that’s the main reason clients instruct us to undertake Cheating Partner Investigations.

How Private Investigators UK can help with Infidelity Investigations?

Our private investigators work locally and nationwide. We have the ability to put your mind at rest or confirm your worst fears but we can guarantee that spending months, if not years of not knowing and being suspicious will devastate your personal life. So why not take that difficult step and call us for an informal chat.

We employ both male and female private detectives so if you feel more comfortable opening your heart of either please let us know your preference. We can also visit you if you don’t want to meet in our offices.

Everybody has a right to know if there is something that could cause the break-up of their relationship so you shouldn’t feel weak or ashamed about seeking help from a private investigator. Having dealt with many clients in your position, we are confident that we can make you feel better.

During our initial chat, we will take some notes about what is concerning you and then suggest a plan of action. The most common methods we employ for Cheating Partner Investigations are covert surveillance, a background check and other methods that match your specific circumstances. These may include in-house cameras if you believe your partner is bringing someone to the house while you are out or GPS tracking devices to monitor your partner’s movements.

Here are some things you can look for that are tell-tale signs of infidelity:

Changing the password on their laptop, PC, or other devices
Never leaving their mobile phone where you could examine it
Mobile phone and credit card bills total more than usual
Locking things in their car which they didn’t do before
New friendships they develop but you never meet the new friends
Staying longer at work than is normal
Unusually interested in your movements and plans
Doesn’t answer the phone when you call
Can’t adequately explain absences
More particular about the clothes they wear; their weight, hair and general appearance

Costs of Infidelity Investigations

Many clients worry that private detectives are prohibitively expensive but this is not the case nowadays. When we have established the best methods to use, we will calculate the likely amount of hours, whether or not more than one private investigator will be required and then work out the cost. We will never exceed your budget without prior authorisation from you.

As professional, reliable and well established private investigators with a wealth of experience in Cheating Partner Investigations, you can be assured of confidentiality at all times. We will handle your case personally and never outsource it.

For a free informal discussion contact us today on 0207 1833416.