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Missing Person Investigations | Trace a Missing Person
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Missing person Investigations

Missing Person Investigations

Private Investigators UK has one of the highest success rates of Missing Persons investigations both locally and internationally. With access to current up to date information and resources we are able to provide in depth reports having verified that all information contained therein is correct.
Our confidential and reliable services provide our clients with comprehensive reports related to Trace Missing Person investigations, tracing debtors, witnesses and natural parents of adopted children among others.

The main services we provide are:

Difficult Missing Person Investigations

When very little information exists about the subject’s whereabouts, by necessity our private detectives will contact as applicable relatives, neighbours, universities, colleges and places of work in order to find the person. These methods are also employed when attempting to locate debtors who don’t stay in one place for long. Our enquiries are conducted covertly so that no one is aware of why we wish to trace the subject. Difficult tracing of missing persons can take up to a month.

Adoption traces

For those people who were born in Britain and adopted, they may have made efforts of their own to locate their natural parents, without success. Due to the emotional nature of this type of tracing our adoption clients are often distressed and frustrated. As experienced and professional private investigators we have high rates of success in adoption traces. We handle all cases discreetly and confidentially as can be expected when dealing with sensitive and emotionally charged matters.
Most of our adoption trace clients have a burning desire to “find their roots” in order to make their true identity complete. Others are concerned about their own health and that of their children, worried that there may be hereditary diseases that could be passed on from their biological parents and wider extended family.
Some adoption trace clients commonly feel that they weren’t loved by their biological parents, and if they were the subject of closed adoption, there is always the worry that when the parents are found they may not want to meet their child. There are so many emotions and anxieties connected to adoption tracing that our private investigators are specially trained to handle all cases with sensitivity.
If you instruct us to locate your natural parents, we will provide you with frequent updates on progress and inform you immediately they are found. We can then give you our detailed report or go further in arranging a meeting and accompanying you to it if you want us to. You will always be in control of the pace our work progresses and the amount of service you require us to provide. For example, you may want us to deliver a message or photographs on your behalf. Alternatively, you may want to do this personally. The choice is yours. You decide the level of Adoption Tracing you require. Private Investigators UK can simply locate your biological parents or you may wish to extend the trace in establishing with whom your natural parents live, whether they have other children, and the location of other relatives such as aunts, uncles and grandparents.

The depth of investigation is your decision and we will accommodate all your needs.

Other Tracing Services include the following:

Employment Tracing
Tracing Heirs
Landlord & Freehold Tracing
Asset Tracing
Employer Tracing
Business to Business Tracing
Importance of Asset Tracing
Skip Tracing

If you would like more information about our comprehensive private investigation services including Trace Missing Person investigations, contact Private Investigators UK for an informal chat or we can visit you at your request.