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Matrimonial Investigations

Matrimonial Investigations. When we marry we commit to each other for life and recent statistics show that that the divorce rate is declining. Psychologists say that to realise our full potential we need to feel loved and socially secure. Marriage is one of the most important steps we take to achieve that goal and in many cases married couples, who have a strong relationship, need never worry about infidelity. However, what happens if something goes wrong and you suspect you have a cheating spouse?

Some people confront the situation head on. They’ll ask their spouse outright and may get a truthful response. Others will dwell on it; spend their whole lives obsessing about it causing stress, anxiety and misery. The thing to remember is that a suspicion is not a fact but it will monopolise your thoughts every day unless you do something to find out the truth. Hiring a private investigator is by far the most effective way to uncover the truth beyond doubt.


Do you suspect your spouse is cheating?

Unfortunately not all marriages are successful. Some end very badly with bitterness and incriminations on both sides. If you think you have a cheating spouse hire a professional to check it out for you. Trying to prove or disprove it yourself could end up badly especially if your spouse catches you checking up on them. At Private Investigators UK our Matrimonial Investigations are discreet and your spouse will never know he or she is the subject of surveillance.


Why employ a private investigator?

Our professional, private investigators in London spend their working lives in the UK investigating many things. Our Matrimonial Investigations team has years of experience in monitoring cheating spouses and more to the point proving whether they are cheating or not. In some cases our clients’ suspicions have been totally wrong. We have found that a spouse was behaving evasively because they were arranging a surprise party, a second honeymoon and one had arranged a 60 minute makeover so needed to know what his wife’s plans were. So a suspicion doesn’t always end in tears!

Nevertheless many of our cases do identify infidelity and as bad as it may sound, it brings relief to our clients. It may not be want you want to hear but at least you are part way to resolving the issue whether by repairing your marriage or deciding to call it a day.


Doubts about hiring a private detective

Most people think twice about employing the services of private investigators especially when it comes to matrimonial investigations. They sometimes feel it’s a sign of weakness and feel ashamed that a suspicion has led them down this path. However, isn’t it better to know one way or the other? A marriage is a relationship built on trust and will deteriorate rapidly if you have doubts about your spouse.


What about my children?

There’s no doubt that children become the victims of broken marriages and if they know you have hired a private detective, they may not approve. But children are never happy when they sense their parents are not getting along; and since your children look at you and your spouse as role models, a cheating spouse is not the best moral compass to instil. In a strong relationship spying on each other is not necessary so if you have suspicions that Private Investigators UK prove to be unfounded, it may be that you need to re-evaluate the problems in your marriage. If we find that your suspicions were justified then you can work out a way forward.

For a friendly, informal chat about your concerns call us today on 0207 1833416. A problem shared is a problem halved and one of our Matrimonial Investigations private investigators in London will be happy to discuss options with you. We employ both male and female detectives so if you have a preference let us know when you call.

At Private Investigators UK you can rely on our confidentiality. No one will ever know about our arrangement.