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Background Checks

Background Checks

Background Checks years ago were optional but unfortunately, in today’s society, they are a necessity if your business, organisation or, in some cases, personal life is to remain secure.
Background checks provide valuable insight into an individual’s background, allowing you to make intelligent, informed decisions about who you employ or let into your life.

The ability to check on an individual’s credentials is available to everyone no matter whether the information is required for business or personal purposes. For example, a hospital may run a background check on a doctor or nurse to ensure they have the requisite qualifications, with no criminal record or malpractice allegations or convictions against them. Or a person considering a date with someone they have met online may want to check that the potential partner is who they say they are.

Private Investigators UK Background Checks

With over 5 million instances of fraud in the UK over recent years, 2.5 million of which were cyber related, background reports often prevent such crimes occurring. Working in compliance with all rules and regulations, including the DPA (Data Protection Act), our private investigators in London will uncover a wealth of information relevant to your intelligence requirements. This places you in the position of knowing the answers to questions before you ask them.

Confidential Background Enquiries.

As private detectives, we are frequently commissioned to investigate perceived cheating partners or spouses. We are often able to reveal past infidelities (once a cheater always a cheater) and the tissue of lies told to previous partners.

We are specialists in research and know exactly where to find detailed and accurate information, irrespective of where the subject of our investigation resides. We are also acutely aware of the necessity for confidentiality and discretion in not letting the subject know that an investigation is taking place or indeed who commissioned it.

Provided with an individual’s name and address, our investigators commence a background search and follow the trail, ultimately producing a comprehensive and accurate report which can include all or any of the following data, depending on your requirements:

  • Current residential address and telephone number
  • History of recent addresses
  • Date of Birth
  • Maiden name / known aliases
  • Properties owned
  • Flatmates and identity of neighbours
  • Data on known relations
  • Existing and previous business ownership (failed or otherwise)
  • County Court Judgements / Bankruptcies
  • Personal Assets
  • Marriages / Divorces
  • Publicity history – internet and media
  • Employment history
  • Professional qualifications

Confidentiality Assured

Private Investigators UK conducts all assignments with confidentiality and never outsources background checks or any other investigation. What you tell us in our offices, on the telephone or via email stays with us. Before background check reports are sent to you we verify with trusted sources that all the information contained therein is absolutely accurate.


Since all cases are unique costs are calculated individually per case. When we have discussed with you exactly what you need we will calculate the cost of the work and let you know before we go ahead.

Call us on 0207 1833416 today for a confidential chat about your specific requirements. We employ both male and female private detectives so please indicate whether you have a preference.