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Static Surveillance - Private Investigators UK
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Static Surveillance

Static Surveillance

If a client wants a specific building or location monitored, static surveillance is the method we recommend.  Since it is just a location our private investigators remain stationary and hidden from view for a period of time agreed with our client.  The purpose of static surveillance is usually to observe and capture on video either vehicles or people entering and leaving the location.

Private Investigators UK employ highly trained surveillance agents experienced in covert operations. We can carry out our work in busy cities or rural locations and gather the relevant intelligence without anyone ever noticing we are there.

Rural locations

Our presence may be required in the country to watch barns where vandalism or theft has occurred or where a client thinks something illegal may be going on.  We may also be asked to watch a site where fly-tipping frequently occurs or even a specific field where valuable livestock or horses have been stolen.

Static surveillance in rural areas involves our agents dressing in the appropriate camouflage gear and work spanning anything between a couple of hours and several weeks if necessary.  We keep detailed records of everything that occurs and regularly report back to our client.

Urban areas

Our static surveillance services are usually required in towns and cities to watch properties where the owner believes nefarious activities are taking place. This can range from vandalism to illicit growing of cannabis or drug dealing and anything in between.  Our investigator will sit in a suitably inconspicuous vehicle monitoring people or vehicles coming and going. We are able to provide surveillance 24/7 if required.  If appropriate we may suggest the use of electronic surveillance.

When we have gathered sufficient evidence to ascertain what is going on at the specific location we can then add mobile surveillance with a second investigator put on the case, if necessary.

If you need static surveillance services, we are happy to discreetly visit the location and inspect the site. We can then put together an action plan to efficiently provide you with the information you require.

Contact us today to discuss your specific problems and how we can help resolve them.  Private Investigators UK is committed to delivering discreet, confidential and reliable surveillance services at an affordable price.