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Pre Matrimonial Investigations

Pre Matrimonial Investigations

It’s not uncommon nowadays for brides and grooms to employ the services of Private Investigators UK to carry out Pre Matrimonial Investigations prior to the big day. It’s not only a case of pre wedding nerves but also a desire to ensure that your chosen partner for life is not hiding anything from you. We are able to carry out a background check on your fiancé to ensure they are who they say they are and to ascertain beyond reasonable doubt that they are really marrying you for the right reasons.


Dubious reasons for marrying

The wrong reasons could involve a burning desire for your money rather than you; a requirement for a visa which can more easily be obtained by marrying you or a desire for a new wife or husband when previous spouses have not been divorced. Pre Matrimonial Investigations relieve the stress of those niggling doubts you may have.

Our report will include such comprehensive information about your partner as:

Career history
Personal history
Previous marriages/divorces
Financial status
Confidential Private Investigators you can trust

You can be assured of our complete discretion and confidentiality. As Private Investigators in London we carry out Pre Matrimonial Investigations throughout the UK using our own staff and do not outsource cases.

Should the investigation require overseas input we work with trusted international agents and partners located throughout the world. We have a wealth of resources at our disposal to investigate the background of anyone, anywhere.

Our service allows you to determine the facts and distinguish the lies should there be any, even if you were told something on the telephone or via the internet.


Better safe than sorry

Getting married is one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime and for this reason it is wise to know as much as possible about your fiancé. Commissioning a Pre Matrimonial Investigations report may save you from a heartbreakingly, costly divorce or bring you joyous relief that all your suspicions were unfounded.

Call Private Investigators UK today for a confidential, informal chat regarding your forthcoming marriage.