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Internet Dating Investigations - Private Investigators UK
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Internet Dating Investigations

Internet Dating Investigations

There’s no doubt that internet dating is popular with 20% of people meeting online. However, many of those searching for love often find something entirely unexpected. Online dating fraud is rife and can easily be avoided with internet dating investigations. At Private Investigators UK our team is internet savvy, keeping up to date with the most sophisticated types of dating fraud, and this allows us to assist a wide variety of people who have suspicions about prospective partners they meet online.

Indications of possible online dating fraud:
To avoid becoming the victim of unscrupulous dating fraudsters here are some of the most common signs to watch out for:

Declaring undying love within hours, days or weeks
Asking for a loan, your personal details or gifts
Asserting that they are from your country but constantly away on business
Last minute cancellations of prearranged meetings
Profile pictures that appear professionally taken
Emails that are so poorly written that they might indicate English not being their first language


Discreet Internet Dating Investigations

If you are suspicious that your online friend is not being truthful, don’t hesitate to contact Private Investigators UK. We can discreetly conduct internet dating investigations to check out the individuals you are in communication with. We don’t require many details and only our investigator and you will be aware of the activity. Usually we are able to quickly provide you with a report on whether the person is who they say they are.


Catfishing internet dating scams

Common on Skype, this type of scam involves people with profile photos and personal data belonging to someone else – often famous American generals. In some cases they don’t even impersonate someone; they just invent a fictitious character. The reasons scammers do this are diverse but usually include monetary gain, a weird desire to be cruel to you or maybe they are just bored. No matter the reason, if you become involved you may be emotionally devastated.


Don’t become a victim of online dating fraud

If you have the remotest suspicion that you are being scammed contact us for a free consultation. Our Internet Dating Investigations Team will be happy to explain the options open to you. We can find out the truth about your potential date before you meet including whether they are dating others, have a partner or are married. We will also be able to verify that the person is who they claim to be.

And should all your suspicions be unfounded you can rest assured that the investigation will remain our secret.

Call us today for a confidential chat about your specific requirements. We employ both male and female private detectives so please indicate whether you have a preference.