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Covert Surveillance - Private Investigators UK

Covert Surveillance

As Private Investigators in London and throughout the UK, sometimes the truth is relatively easy to find but at others it can be time consuming and very difficult.  For these situations we usually recommend covert surveillance.


Personal investigations

For example, the subject of our investigation may be a beautician, a bar owner or a gym coach. Our investigators may become customers or find other ways to perfectly fit into the environment, whatever or wherever it may be.  Our expert undercover agents can engage the subject in conversation, asking the right questions but without appearing to be overly inquisitive.  The subject will never know that an investigation is underway or that covert surveillance is being practised.

Our highly trained personnel come from diverse backgrounds with specialist skills that can be applied to any situation.



Commercial Investigations

Companies and organisations may have problems involving multiple employees but the workplace is not conducive to positioning covert cameras or other surveillance equipment. In such cases one or more of our private investigators can begin ‘working’ for the company appearing to be employees. During this period of ‘employment’ whilst carrying out the normal duties of the job that has been created, our investigator will closely observe the subjects of the investigation. Where appropriate it may be necessary to strike up friendly relationships with the subjects in order to more easily investigate any suspected illegal activity or action that would not be beneficial to the business.




During the course of the covert surveillance we will keep you informed of our progress and at the end of the investigation provide you with a full report and evidence of our findings. The evidence gathered and accompanying report will enable you to commence legal proceedings if applicable.

As can be expected from leading Private Investigators in London, our reliability and confidentiality is assured.  Protecting your business is our primary concern which we will carry out as loyally and diligently as we do our own.

For further information about the comprehensive range of services provided by Private Investigators UK, or to arrange a visit to your business, call us on 0207 1833416.